South Branch Bistro

(613) 258.3737

15 Clothier St. East Kemptville, Ontario

(613) 258.3737 | | 15 Clothier St. East Kemptville, Ontario

Live Music and Events

From Blues, Jazz, Folk, and good old fashioned rock and roll the South Branch Bistro provides you with an after dinner experience to top off the night. We are constantly seeking out new artists and bands to bring in. Join us Fridays and Saturdays and take in a show.

May 13th - Ray Harris @9pm -
May 19th - Supernatural Buffalo @9pm-
May 20th - Jimmy Tritone Band @9pm-
May 26th- Birdie White & George Buys @8:30pm-
May 27th - Double Experience @9pm-
June 2nd - Pat Maloney @9pm-
June 3rd - Andre Courtemance @8:30pm Folk
June 9th - John Carroll @8:30pm - 
June 10th - Ron Mills @ 9pm -
June 16th - Fluffy Little Cowboys @9pm - 
June 17th - McSheffery Band @9pm -
June 23rd - James Ferguson @9pm -
June 24th - Dave Leroux @9pm -
June 30th - Doug Wallace aka Fog Eye -
July 1st - Happy Canada day we have live music starting at 2pm all day till 11pm
July 6th - Campbell Woods @ 9pm -
July 7th - James LeClair @8pm -
July 8th - Scott Arena " Unintentional Fun" @8pm - Classic Rock
July 14th - Birdie Whyte and Mable Beggs@8:30pm -
July 15th - Stephanie LaRochelle @9pm -
July 21st - Abigail Lapelle @11pm -
July 22nd - Al Tambay Duo @ 9pm -
July 28th - Karen Morand @9pm -
July 29th - Neil Carter @ 9pm -
For more information please give up a call at the Bistro 613-258-3737 
or visit our Facebook Page